An Ego Curry that Be Cool

Good Deed: Fighting the temptation to share with a certain bragging colleague that my dvd collection is undoubtedly larger than his, a willpower game with myself really. It wouldn’t have any advantage to say anything besides a stolen ego boost. The way I see it, if somebody is feeling good about themselves, let them (unless it’s favourable to you to destroy them. Not the case in this instance).

Discovery: I have a colleague in the building called Chris Lambert .. “In the end there will be only one”. Also, attended a 6-monthly company meeting in which I learned they’re bigger than they appear. World domination isn’t specifically on their to-do list, but knowing myself, if it goes that way, its more than likely going to aid me.


A black bean chinese curry with boiled rice from a tribal Vietnamese couple served in an isolated hut deep in the jungles of Woking. Okay so it’s actually a caravan parked outside the market, but I still had a mighty adventure getting there. After battling 2 Arriva busses & numerous other vehicles that tried obstructing my way*, I had no choice but to stop at the caravan for rest & sustenance. The journey back to the glass palace of Corporate Glory was much a smoother transition comparatively.

11 white grapes.
A bowl of Quaker oats with 1 canderel tablet & skimmed milk.
1 mug of Kenco filter coffee with a splash of milk & 2 canderel tablets in each mug.
1 330ml can five alive citrus burst
2 mugs (there was a lack of clean glasses) of Sainsbury’s pure orange juice from concentrate.
1 glass of red wine.
2 bread rolls.
1 bottle of Budweiser (330ml)
Born 19th January 2005, Expired upon my consumption, though the water cycle suggests reincarnation is inevitable.
1 bottle of Becks (275ml)
A handful of salted peanuts.
4 slices of Hovis Classic white bread (buttered).

*a colleague has informed me the reason these vehicles obstruct to show their superiority, I’m unconvinced, I think they’re just careless folk who can’t see beyond their own agendas. Either way, the battle ensues on a road near you.

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