Enter Ram. *shades-on*

Tomorrow may be, or not, the fact still remains, it’s my birthday {tomorrow}. My plan was to create & activate this blog thing for the public domain tomorrow. I figured I’d distribute links to the elite & naturally the odd scum level generic filth would find it too.

Disclaimer then:
If you don’t like me, you should study this well (to learn my weaknesses).
If you like me, you will know this well already.
If you love me, tell me so.
If you hate me, well ..
        form an orderly mob & blend into the world population like the rest.

If you’ve got as far as reading this page then you are more then welcome to contact me or leave comments, with suggestions, compliments, curses, tulips & fresh home-cooked food {so long as it meets my dietary restrictions}. Only joking, really though, I do get quite hungry at times.

Putting this aside, the clock seems to be ticking away against the direction of my favour as usual, so I think it’s time I departed from this chair & rested my eyes some, by probably reading a book for a while before I sleep, for tomorrow I must rise & shine, preferably before se7en’.

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i don’t negotiate with terrorists.
the pic of the ozwin feller is inevitittable’
even if the president of some social club is sacrificed.
‘you’re more than welcome to send your artwork,
i think i can dedicate a page to your works.’
have your agent talk to my agent ..
or just email it to me’


Suggestions eh……….
Eat this homo!
or never ever put a picture of this ozwin fella up on your site. the reprocussions would be terrible! im talking end of the world shit here! by the way getting up before se7en sucks ass!
you could prob put some of my brilliant artwork up tho! id only charge a small fee and god would undoubtedly be on my side.