Familiar Faces & Fists

I met a close friend after many many years of exile. The thing about close friends is they’re effortless morale boosters. Like the coach in those Rocky films movies. They may rile you, punch you figuratively into shape, but they’re allowed, for they know what you need, often more than you do. The afternoon was much like a Rocky montage, we had coffee like old times, caught up on small talk, large talk, even managed some larger than life talk & meanwhile in Gotham city, the clock wound faster than the words could manage. The time for our parting came sooner than wanted or expected.

I always have a hundred odd things I should talk about, but gravitate to talking about lesser significant topics. Today was no different. Still, it was just nice seeing a familiar face. Chilled out, relaxed, warm. Yes. I am aware that chilled out & warm contradict each other if taken literally. Mweh, I know what I’m talking about.* ­čÖé

After loitering the streets of London some & finding the handprints of Academy Award Winner: Denzel Washington, I decided upon my next target for exploration: Cineworld Ilford {details later on another post}. I now have returned with many stories to tell & little energy to tell them with. So basically .. going Zzzzz

1 Venti triple shot latte from Starbucks.
1 Banana Flapjack
1 KitKat Edition passionfruit & mango {very nice}
1 Mr. Tom (peanut based confectionary) bar.

*Interestingly, numerologists see this as a common characteristic of a number 2 person. To contradict themselves in a third party perspective, yet not care because they feel they know what they mean & to them, that’s all that matters.

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Denzel? where? tell me now! was ethan there to i need to know