Grievance Payout for Frankie

I’ve had an offer on late Frankie {my dead car) by the ever so nice people at Norwich Union for £1150/- which I’d say I’m fairly satisfied with. More would have obviously broadened my pretty smile, but apparently that’s not their motto.

A busy day at work would usually mean many discoveries & thoughtful musings, today was more of a breather, the soothing silent calm before that Friday storm, or so is the hypothesis anyway. What I can say with more certainty, since it’s pay day, a pub crawl after work is inevitable.

1 banana.
7 white grapes.
3 mugs of Kenco filter coffee with a splash of milk & 2 canderel tablets in each mug.
1 330ml can five alive citrus burst
1 glass of Sainsbury’s pure orange juice from concentrate.
2 slices of Toast (Hovis Wholemeal Bread) buttered lightly & lathered lightly with marmite yeast extract.
4 slices of Hovis Classic white bread (buttered).
A chinese vegetable curry with extra chilli with boiled rice from the caravan.

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I can do better than that – I will offer a shiny penny. I will also kill the guy who made the previous offer, thus removing the possibility of a counter-bid.
Wait a second, you counted how many grapes you ate?


will offer you £30 for your burnt out car
what say you?