Film Review: Interpreter, The

The Interpreter
ORANGE WEDNESDAY:   The Interpreter
To me this was a decent film, not spectacular, not one that sticks with you after the show, but a nicely done, character driven film. Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman excel in roles that require specific talents. The screenplay keeps you thinking, but for me nothing reached out far enough to keep me thinking once the plot was unraveled. Certainly the best performance out of the stars is what makes this film above average, but not much else. For those interested only in watching a political thriller, this one’s for you. For those that like to take a way a bunch of quotes or scenes away with them, perhaps you’ll give this one a miss.

There is a nice thought that the film mentioned from African culture, it mentions that if a loved one is killed, & you avenge the killer you will mourn the death of the loved one your entire life, if you find it in yourself to forgive them, you will be able to move on. The accuracy of this statement is debatable, especially when vengeance is fresh in your mind but its certainly one to think on.

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