Surprise Surprise

No not that corny Cilla Black program that I entirely deny any knowledge of. To my surprise {sarcasm intended} we ended up at the local pub & soon after for a curry, oops, that’s a spoiler if you’re following the soap opera of my consumption below.

Discovery: The mug that I use at work can hold a full 330ml can & has just enough extra capacity that you can comfortably carry a full mug aroung. This will be useful for all my stalkers out there who want to know how much coffee/orange juice I drink ­čśë

The curry place wasn’t bad, however nowhere near the standards I am used to. For one they were playing a CD on repeat of some random songs from 60’s films that weren’t even popular. The only decent song {Main Hoon Na – Title Song) they played was out of the blue & didn’t fit in with the rest of the supposed soundtrack. The service was friendly, I give them full credit there, & even the food wasn’t bad for a toned down indian curry house, but it was more for the meat eaters where vegetarians were an afterthought. The portion sizes were fairly reasonable.

I feel I may need to pay them a visit with a sample CD of what kind of music they should be playing, If I establish myself in this little town the way I was back in my home city, it’d mean discounts everywhere. Something to aspire to. Shall add it to my infinite to-do list.

A bowl of Quaker oats with 1 canderel tablet & skimmed milk.
1 mug of Kenco filter coffee with a splash of milk & 2 canderel tablets.
1 330ml can of Diet Coke
1 glass of Sainsbury’s pure orange juice from concentrate.
1 Vegtable Pastie from Greggs {purchased for 85p}
1 Morrisons own brand mixed fruit jam sandwich consisting of 2 slices of Hovis Classic white bread (buttered).
2 slices of toast made from the same variety of bread, with a difference of them being the two thick end slices that manage to soak up the butter.
1x 25ml Malibu Shot + 7up
3x 25ml Jim Beam Shots + Pepsi
1 Pint Carling
1 small glass of generic cola
Saag-Paneer {cheese & spinach} Indian curry with Vegetable Pilau rice
1 naan bread
2 papadoms.

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