I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise

What I’m really saying here I guess is that I don’t have Sky One..
    *Shrugs* .. or do I? or do you really expect me to tell? Well, on a half-related subject, the Unites States aired today the all-new Family Guy (season #4: episode #2) in which Keifer Sutherland voices his alter ego Jack Bauer, one to keep a lookout for I’m told.

Billboards in my hood say something else & it doesn’t necessarily add up. Ergo – THEY LIED!!!

I get Jack without Sky One!

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Having to add a comment onto this as i have read on many various websites including tvtome.com that kiefer sutherland was, and still is due to star on family guy. So the information given to you on this was not a lie it was done under false pretences. Or possible miss information but not a lie.
thank you.