IMAX Begins – 17th June!

After seeing the Trailer of Batman Begins, I googled the interwebz & found that the biggest cinema screen in the UK is the bfi IMAX It is said by them to be a “477-seat, state-of-the-art, large-format cinema on the South Bank”. It was opened in 1999 and was made possible thanks to ¬£15 million from the Arts Council of England’s Lottery Fund. I did always wonder where all those losers money went, not to waste it would seem.

It has been decided by the powers that ‘me’, that this cinema must be visited & glorified with my presence on the release of this Batman Begins filum. Demon has verified his motives are the same. Charlie remains to take time off from his three workplaces & Farmer as usual will be at teh farm & can’t make it. An inevitable adventure awaits, no doubt for the dark knight will rise, we shall cheer, whistle & jump with joy! (on the inside of course, the code of cinema etiquette won’t be broken.)

Only a matter of weeks now. Releasing June 17th Nationwide.

Sidenote: “google” is now an actual word in the dictionary, meaning to search on the internet.

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