Introducing: Charlie

His claim to fame comes from loitering in areas it strictly says you shouldn’t loiter, his name he stole from a feller who went by the name of Charlie Chalk, after beating him with a brick, or was it a horseshoe?! It gets difficult to keep track between his escapades with fate & digital renditions of zombies & whatnot, and yet some things I just know because he knows.

look at me, i'm out control'

He’s an artist of kinds, he plays the flute in a professional orchestra {that whole yale thing} & well its fair to say he’s not quite normal.

I met this guy in the physics lab some years back, after throwing wrappers at him for a good week, I shared the remainder of my infinite supply of chocolate with him in traditional indian fashion, scoffing down his gullet whether he wanted it or not. This & my many other missions to encourage his metabolism & to put on some weight have failed, through the stress this has caused me I have put on weight. I know this doesn’t make much sense, but its all relative. The nanobots, you know, that must be it. Yes.

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i told you never to talk about me to anyone!
and the orchestra isnt professional its not that good!


Looks kinda like… no no, my mistake…
On an unrelated, but infinitely more important note, after living some 96 hours without internet access, I am now back online. Fortunate, as I had vowed to kill an innocent child every day I was without internet from the coming Thursday onwards.
I also had a worrying hour or so where I thought my hard disk had died. This was not terribly important in and of itself as I had moved all my files to my external hard disk, but threatened to push a mind already teetering on the brink of insanity over the edge. As it turns out, I had left a floppy disk in the drive.
So rejoice, your first-borns are safe. For now.
A note to the “editor”: this is the first announcement of my rejoining the online community. Remove it and I will kill you and everyone you know. I will save myself for last, for practical reasons.