Standard Concrete Block – Object #1

Somebody referred to me as useless the other day, useless. Can you believe it? Sure I’m not as young, fit or hard as I once was, but I’m far from useless. I remember the days when me & my brothers held things together. We were silent warriors allowing every Tom, Dick, Harry, Barry & Larry to walk upon our sturdy exteriors to reach their destinations in a smooth manner. We were tough. We were bad-ass! Nobody could stop us, I mean we were stationary. To stop us would be the equivalent of what you humans call “killing a dead man”. That’s how bad-ass we were.

Years later, when my brothers were blown to bits by a tank in ‘Nam, I found myself a lone survivor, but I didn’t cry. No, sir. I moved on, I did what my band of brothers would have wanted me to do. I found myself another way to serve my country (which was dependant on where I was transported to). I soon became an integral part of what you humans call ‘a wall’.

My function here was simple. To the best of my ability, I had to drown from either side the vibrations and radiation using my patented death stare. A secret between you and me, I sometimes fed on the vibrations that you guys call sound. I also got a bit wasted on that H2O stuff. It started showing on my belly and partly this was the cause for the wall being pulled down a decade later.

My family there were all pretty hardcore too. You could tell by the look of them. Some of these blocks had seen things that no concrete block should have to see, blood, urine & vomit were the nicer of things. Out of respect I saluted them, but I envied them too. They had a life far more interesting than mine. For the whole decade when I wasn’t hammered I thought to myself whether I would get the chance to see what these soldiers had seen, and now I do.

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