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Act 1. – The Setup

Ram had the *achhho* of seeing a film called Bad Moms a few weeks back. As is commonly the case, there were trailers of other films leading up to the feature. One of which was this atrocity called ‘Nine Lives’. Instant repulsion washed over Ram in an awesome wave. “I’m never watching this”, he told himself. As he pondered why talent like Spacey was being wasted on such a film which easily wreaked of being a bad make-a-wish foundation advert. The thought soon evolved to wondering whether or not the film had turned out as originally intended? Would somebody set out to make this? Possibly. Probably.


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Directed by: [imdblive-NL:directors] Written by: [imdblive-NL:writers]

Nine Lives

Collaborations are such mysteries, you never really know. As Ram nodded to himself in thought, the ‘Bad Moms’ feature began & all of this was more-or-less forgotten, until some days later, when this link emerged:

Act 2. – The Confrontation

ZOMG! A Talking Cat saves a Film Writers life! Fo’ Realzies!.

Act 3. – The Resolution

Ram has neither since seen the film, nor intends to. He hasn’t even learned why Spacey took on the project, though he has a sneaky suspicion it may be one of those ‘$’ related reasons.

Despite this, Ram walked away after this article drinking mineral water, a new man. How so?

    Here are some take-ways from this:

  1. Being in the Writers Guild in the United States gives you Health Insurance coverage (provided you actually do get paid writing work). Didn’t know & so it fascinated me.
  2. In it’s early drafts, there was some noble intent here, which was rewarded, even if it later met with obtuse turns.
  3. The original idea incidentally falls quite close to something my old friend ‘V’ & I had drafted as a treatment in 2014 (making us biased to find it interesting). ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. An anecdote of a ‘bad film saving a life’ has been added to Rams’ ever-growing fodder of “Bulletproof Ideas”.

It’s much like the Martell often says, “getting ideas isn’t the problem”.

It’s then a) choosing to do something with them, b) following through on that, which forms the actual challenge. Ideas can often be the scent of a mere moment, or a dialogue between characters or even the central hook of a story. The theme of this one: A film is way more than ‘just a film’.


You may be wondering about the loose end with regards to what Ram thought of Bad Moms:
“I’ll tell you in another life, when we are both cats.” ~ Vanilla Sky ๐Ÿ˜‰

*WTF is this new category?
An attempt at allowing you to view some things that are winning the web for me at the moment. Sure, this might be the sort of thing that lives & dies on social media with a life-span of nil to negligible, but why not allow for a catch to have nine lives, eh? *wink*

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