Commuter, The (2018)

Alternate Title: Taken 4: A Ride on a Train.
Originality: ☆☆ /5
Engagement: ☆☆☆☆ /5
Rewatch: Maybe. No rush.
Expectation Match: Pretty much.
Disappointed: No.

Area to Fix:
More red herrings to hide the source of the conflict. That unravelling could have done with some hiccups & deviations, rather than the obvious.

Non-stop. Unstoppable. Taken. Mission Impossible. Strangers on a Train
— Numerous inspirations & yet it manages to find its own identity.

Set-up is average-fair, but by the time we’re on the train & the mission should he choose to accept it is given by a stranger on a train, we’re buckled in and ready for the ride whether he is or not. (Spoiler: The recording doesn’t self-destruct, she just gets off at the next station).

Here-on, the fun & games of him pursuing the shady mission is handled well, the detail of the environment will feel familiar to anyone who’s been ‘The Commuter’, this was clearly the novelty here.

Naturally as problems escalate, there’s a shift in the latter half toward Liam and his particular set of skills from his old life taking front focus. I do think more brain puzzles to get to the climax would have sat better with ‘me’, but then resolving issues with fisticuffs from Old Man Liam was probably their sales pitch in the first place, so I won’t begrudge them that.

Though it had an average and predictable outcome. What’s it they say about the “journey” over the destination? If that were true, would anyone ever go to work? I digress. I liked it, though it could have been more, glad it wasn’t less.


MICE Quotient: Event
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