Sadak – A Recap

With Sadak 2 to be unleashed on OTT’s tomorrow, I figure many out there may want to but won’t have the time to go watch the first one to recall how it all went down, so I’ve done that for you. I’ve taken some small liberties with language, but that’s more or less it. Enjoy.

Contains spoilers, obviously.


Sanju Baba is a wounded by his past, insomniac taxi driver who won’t take the extra money you mistakenly gave him. Nice guy. He’s a man of the streets and friends with many hobos, who all seem to have a tightly knit hobo community. His mate Tijori has recently brought a new bride to their hood and she seems to be alright with them kinda being homeless, they even have a good song and dance about it.

Lovin’ the Hobo Life

Except, hold up, they’re not really married. That was just some fantasy role-play shit going down. She’s actually a prostitute and Tijori can’t buy her freedom. Baba suggests fleeing, but “that ain’t an option bro. These people. They’ll fuck you up, good and proper.”

And then, the meet-cute. Sanju fleetingly meets innocent little Pooja Bhatt who ironically hands her some caged birds to adopt, before she gets sold to a eunuch pimp by her own uncle. Harsh right? Well, debts are paid here in flesh, because blood dries up.

Irony of Cages

Sanju drives around and refuses money from a local hero-cop that he’s seen in the papers before. (It’s Karan from the TV version of Mahabharata so we know he’s gonna be shady fosho’).

Back in his yard, one of the hobo uncles tries knocking sense into Sanju: “Dude, you gotta let the past go. Quit driving around all the time, day and night, if you don’t sleep, you’re gonna get yourself killed”. The one-sided conversation is interrupted as another hobo uncle’s been beat up and had his taxi stolen.

Sanju takes things in his own hands and like a suicidal maniac throws himself amongst the bad guys and beats the shit out of the thieving fuckers and gets the cab back. As he loads a gun at –home? (Yea’ maybe he does have a home, dunno when that happened), we see that he actually is suicidal, that pesky past of his is just too much to handle, just like uncle was saying.

You talkin’ to me?

Flashback: His sister (played by Alia’s Mom) eloped with some guy who sold her to some pimp and she ended up in a mental asylum some years later. Before he could take her home, she ended up thrown out of a window by an elusive ‘woman’ seen only as a silhouette

(— or maybe it’s a eunuch pimp we know? Hmmm).

Back to Present: His hobo friends catch him trying to shoot himself and take him to a doctor who suggests electrotherapy. They be like. “WTF bro? Electric shocks? Fuck that shit, we won’t do that to him.” Very well, says the doctor. Y’all got a better plan? Sure, we do. God is our plan B. We gonna let the conflict of Act II play out, he’ll find his catharsis. It’s fate. *wink-wink*

Devoid of any hope, Pooja in the meantime is not adjusting to her ‘fate’ of becoming a top class hooker to be released to the rich lusting men of the city on the next full moon. (Not kidding, but then she turns out to be a werewolf, okay, now kidding).

Tijori hitches a ride with Sanju to meet his lady love hooker (that isn’t his wife) while Pooja tries to make an escape and lands up in his taxi, only to be dragged back. Sanju tries to intervene but Tijori holds him back before shit gets real.

Sanju decides to take his life savings from uncle hobo who’s been stashing his earnings and save her. Finally, in hopes for catharsis, he breaks into Act II.


Hitting up the brothel with the aid of Tijori who’s obviously a regular, a bidding war to get Pooja for the night occurs. Sanju wins, obviously, but the pimp ain’t no fool and keeps Tijori with him as insurance in case this new girl and new customer decide to do anything stupid like flee.

Sanju Baba’s love story beigins. He takes her on a date (to a temple, a water fountain, et al) where he woos her with a song about vowing to make her his own. Read into that what you will.

By the end the night he’s all like, I wouldn’t take you back if it wasn’t for my buddy Tijori. She’s like, it’s cool man, you’ve given me so much respect this past night that I wouldn’t even mind dying now. Make of that also what you will.

Ah you dirty buggers. Nothing happened! When Sanju goes back for her “services” again the next day the pimp knows by the way Pooja walked that she ain’t been deflowered. When paying customers don’t actually partake in some bang bang they tend to be trouble. So he can take his money elsewhere. S/he don’t want it. Well, this just ain’t going as planned.

Sanju mopes around the brothel for a bit and then spots something shiny. He invests in it. Tijori rocks up and uses his rapport with the pimp to get Baba the girl for the night, but on one condition. Sure. Wait, what? He’ll have to get it on with Pooja in front of the pimp.

Sanju’s recent investment pays off as he sticks the pimp with his shiny new knife and holds him as a shield to make his heroic escape. Pooja, Tijori, Tijori’s (not) wife and Sanju make a run for it to this taxi. Then they make a drive for it.

The bleeding pimp won’t allow anyone to see to the wounds. (Clearly, nobody likes doctors in the story.) S/he makes an oath not rest until Pooja is found and Sanju Baba is six feet under the ground.

— INTERMISSION, probably.

The two couples have a bit of a song and dance with their newfound freedom, Tijori even gets married finally, but their marital joy is short-lived. Knowing they can’t be on the run forever they decide to report the pimp to the cops. Sanju knows a hero cop they can go to.

Karan from the Mahabharata, of course ain’t no hero. He too is in the pimps pocket and due to this massive misjudgement the newly-weds get killed in the shootout that ensues in a car park they are lured to. RIP Mr and Mrs Tijori.

A wounded Sanju and Pooja hit the road once more, this time in a stolen police jeep. He needs to stash her somewhere before he can return for the vengeance of his friend. Her dad’s workplace outside of the city seems sensible, but he’s bleeding out when they get there. He’s going nowhere anytime soon.

She thinks about taking him to a doctor, but he manages to say NO!

“No fucking doctors. We hate doctors in this film, we’ve already established that, twice, were you not paying attention? Oh wait, you weren’t in those scenes. My Bad.”

Sanju passes out. Pooja calls a local doctor anyway. He looks at the wound and says, “Sorry, he a goner, I can’t do jack. Take him to a hospital.” Pooja iterates the danger in this and asks for some help.

Note to PR Agencies: — insert Vicco Turmeric and Amul Butter ads here.

After nursing his wounds with turmeric and butter, Sanju gets a new lease on life. The growing love between them finds it’s reciprocation as they live the hill-station life, play hide and seek with trees and go boating while waiting on a money transfer that isn’t coming. They finally make out after all the foreplay.

Back in the city, his uncle hobo with the stashed money is under the close eye of Karan as well as the pimp. They’re waiting for Sanju to reach out to get their scent back on his trail. The cop puts out feelers to other regional cops too. The pimp eventually gets bored of waiting and has Uncle Hobo murdered.

RIP Uncle Hobo. Sanju calls finally and learns of Uncle Hobo’s murder. He realigns his priorities again, now he has three murders to avenge (that he knows of). He decides it’s time to go wreak vengeance on their asses!

Pooja will let him go on one condition. Marriage, right here, right now. Done. As they hit up the local temple and get hitched with a bleeding thumb and a smear mark, meanwhile a local cop seeds his whereabouts to the Karan over the phone.


Turns out he won’t have to go back to the city for his vengeance, the bad guys have found him. Sanju puts up a good fight initially but they eventually beat the crap out of him, leaving him ready for the bloody poster photoshoot. The pimp either incorrectly recollects his vow or has forgotten about it.

Instead of putting Sanju Baba six feet under the ground as vowed they stick him up six feet above ground onto a boat in a crucifix pose, letting him bleed out and bake in the sun, as they leave with Pooja.

While baking, Sanju finally has some clarity from his flashback as he digs down deep for any energy he can muster. Holy Macaroni! This is the same pimp that threw my sister out of a window. That bastard! With a new-found vigour, he escapes his roped shackles.

And alright, turns out he will have to go back to the city after all.

Time for some epic payback. He goes and kills the super cop, then heads to the brothel, working through the henchmen easy enough, but one muscle heavy gives him a bit of a challenge. Mano O Mano happens, with Sanju Baba stabbing that side-hero fucker dead.

Mano O Mano

Meanwhile, the eunuch pimp has seem to have come to terms with his demise as he sets his own house on fire, with Pooja in it. He might die, but she’s going down with him.

Baba beats the shit out of him and throws him in the fire for such a terrible plan. He’s locked her in a room with a vent to the roof. What a dumb-ass. Pfft.

With all the baddies down, it’s only saving Pooja that remains, but she’s scared of jumping off the roof. Baba eggs her on and catches her in an epic sweep.

OMG. This is it. Catharsis. He wasn’t able to save his falling sister but saved her!

Denouement: He does some prison time for all that mass murder he just embarked on, but is released and reunited with his bae. A new man.


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Radhika Agarwal

Fun recap, brings back memories!