The Social Dilemma, 2020 – ★★★½

Could have been a Facebook post, or an Instagram reel, but that would’ve been too meta. I guess streaming it off Netflix was the right balance.

The messaging in it is clear and a fair assessment of where we’re at. Much like the offline world, the online world too has been juiced for all the fossil fuel available (our time and engagement) to the point that the online equivalent of global warming will gobble up society and spit us out like recharged Duracell batteries, thus saving the offline world, we hope.. unless someone or something changes the narrative. 

Tips worth taking away:
 – Ration online time, particularly for addicts.
 – Minimise notifications to critical only.
 – Follow people with diverse views on social media.

By being inclusive of those that challenge your views, the algorithms that provide you with “news” will be forced to provide a healthy balanced world view, rather than a biased reinforcement of things you think are right, like pineapple on pizza.


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