The Little Things, 2021 – ★★★

“It’s the little things that rip you apart.
It’s the little things that get you caught.”

As usual, Denzel brings out a character as few others can. Rami Malek may be broadening his horizons in what he does and leaves a mark, particularly in the latter portion of the film, while Jared Leto does what he does best, ie; plain weird.

The story is a slow burn pursuit of a serial killer that isn’t the usual-fare cat and mouse chase. It focusses on the more nuanced psychological effect it has on those in pursuit and how such jobs mutilate them. In that way, it’s somewhat in the indie space and a tad old-fashioned.

In the day and age of more faster-paced stories that are more formulaic in this particular genre, I can imagine it won’t be received too well by the masses, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Old wine in a potentially mislabeled bottle.


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