Tenet, 2020 – ★★½

OMG. my head is going forwards and backwards trying to decide which aspect outweighed the other. Was it Nolan’s visual spectacle and clear mastery of his visual craft or the pretentious self-congratulatory smugness that oozes into almost every interaction in the film?

The answer? Tenet.

The plot is not as hard to follow as I’d been led to believe. It’s a typical golden fleece. A heist film where a man has to go get the mystical Macguffin that’s merely a means for him to learn something along the journey.

Except, the learning happens in massive drops of exposition. Even the next crumb to lead him to the next piece of exposition comes with exposition. The action scenes and the dialogue scenes feel like lego pieces that were mashed together and thrown into cement rather than constructed.

The set-pieces of course are a treat to watch, even if you aren’t emotionally invested in them all, but the overall package here felt disappointing.

source https://letterboxd.com/jun6lee/film/tenet/

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