Infinite, 2021 – ★★½ (contains spoilers)

This review may contain spoilers.

A lot of good ideas, some executed well, some okay, some badly.

This feels like a mixture of a few things on the proverbial decision-making table.

1) Complicated merely for the sake of smarminess. — Cool films like Inception and The Matrix always have cool people explain things in a cool way, so that’s the formula, right? Well, Tenet.

2) We have a hero who’s just totally up for it. No internal conflict. I mean he says things like, this is weird shit, followed by alright let’s do it in the same sentence, even if it means we might just suck your soul and bleed you to death cool. If it means saving the world, he’s game.

3) Speaking of stakes, it’s just too familiar. Avengers has just done this whole we’re going to vampire dust everybody thing. Thanos had some logic behind his actions, in fact all of Infinity War allows a viewer o even get in his twisted head and understand it.

4) Here we have a bad guy who’s all like, I just want to die bro. Doesn’t quite have the same impact. He also says “new is always bad”. as he uses old-school weaponry like crossbows, which is quite cool, we get to see skills from those previous lifetimes. Later, he’s all Minority Report with his gizmos. A bit confused. His super ghostbusters gun for saving immortals to an SD card is also just a bit much to digest. He keeps them all on a wall for some reason.

5) Conveniences. The reason is so that the good guys can explode it all real bad when they fight all odds and save the world. Here lies my main problem. The whole thing feels like a 3 season Netflix show badly crammed into two hours.

All of this said and done, in a Mortal Kombat kinda way, it was fun.

There are visuals, action, set pieces and sequences, gizmos and a whole bunch of cool shit for maybe a teenage me to wet myself if this was my introduction to blockbuster films. Some part of that teenager still lives in me and so, despite the flaws, I did not hate this.

Overall, a wasted opportunity for the ideas it contains, but a watchable-affair nonetheless.


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