Wrath of Man, 2021 – ★★★

When Guy Ritchie decides to take Statham in a role tailor made for him, half his work is done. For the rest, we have plenty of inspiration from genre-films like Payback, Reservoir Dogs, Assault on Precinct 13, Rambo and these are just flicks that are rolling off the tongue instantly.

We’ve got someone who clearly enjoys the genre and is well-versed in them and yet, it’s no more than a serviceable thriller somehow. I’ve felt this a trend with Ritchie as of recent. Whether it be those Sherlocks or even the more recent The Gentlemen.

They manage to get the ‘cool’ right, but lack the extra touch to remain memorable. Frankly, I think it’s over-confidence. In this instance, we’re totally going to relate to a guy wanting to hunt his son’s murderer. The premise of getting in on a courier service that they know will “regularly” get hit, is too a conceit we can get on board with.

The escalation to one big job going down too, we’re on board. What lets this down is the climax. We’ve invested into a lot to be given what we’re given as a result. The answer can’t just be 42. Without spoilers, that’s as far as I can say.

Could have been amazing. Is merely serviceable, for bad writing choices.
Still, fun enough.

source https://letterboxd.com/jun6lee/film/wrath-of-man/

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