Suspect Zero, 2004 – ★★★½

Sometimes a logline as a sell gives away too much and that’s what I felt reading the premise (after watching the film). It still holds back enough but gives you more than one would hope to keep all the suspense intact.

This is a tough one in that sense. What would a trailer look like, and what would compel you to watch it — The SELL vs. if you saw it blind without any idea of anything except the cast and genre. Back in 2004, I guess people still did that, These days, with the availability of options, we’re a lot pickier and I feel many a film like this would be a higher risk from a producer standpoint due to the above.

All that aside, what the premise does not give away and came as a surprise might too be tough for a rational mind to accept as plausible. Without spoiling it, it does stretch the imagination a little, which I bought and liked about it.

A stellar cast that’s engaging and a plot that makes you wonder “what if”.
Despite having dated a little, I enjoyed it a lot.


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