Sleeping Forest, 2014 – ★★★½

I have one more of these lined up to see and am going to hold off for now, because then it will be complete, and I don’t want it to be. Couldn’t say the same for many franchises.

What I love about this set of films is how the order really doesn’t matter, since they’ve chosen stories in a muddled timeframe themselves. Having already seen the conclusion of certain relationships, and now seeing the complexities that were, actually works a treat.

The case itself was perhaps a little slow to take off, but in the world of ballerinas, the who’s, how’s and why’s explored were a positive surprise, m0stly. What it did so well was the.. “well, of course” — that makes sense moment when the cat’s out of the bag. The world, the characters and the plot are all aligned here, and that’s what makes for a great story.


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