Bhoot Police, 2021 – ★★½

I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, but can’t help but wish it was more than it was. It had a lot of potential in the premise, that remained unexplored from a writing standpoint.

It had glimmers of genius and then there were huge conveniences too. The banter and dialogue between the brothers were fresh and current, while one character is given the opportunity to speak in goat. Full khicdhi feeling.

What stood out most on the negative front was the way it was visually looking. Haphazardly put together. Cuts were jarring. Colour grading, if applied at all, didn’t look right. The film in comparison to the song in the closing credits feels like they had the same budget for each.

Is this the future of films on OTT? It might be the time that OTT providers loosen their grip a little on their moneybags, within reason of course.


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