Free Guy, 2021 – ★★★

A guy was born, the origins of which might be traced back to a party a few years back where these other films were in attendance: Running Man, Gamer, Ready Player One, The Matrix, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, just to name a few. 

Does it’s work? Absolutely. It’s a great family-friendly summer blockbuster with charm and romance and Ryan Reynolds.

As much as really enjoy Ryan in most things, I feel I would have enjoyed this more if I hadn’t seen his recent few films where he’s become synonymous to the 4th wall winking at you. Is Ryan-fatigue a valid reason to limit this to 3 Stars? 

We’ll no, it’s also template-fatigue. Ready Player One used a bunch of 80’s references and threw them in a game. Here the references are more current. Again, that in itself is not the problem, rather relying on them is.

If you take away Ryan and the nods, what you have is lacks in any novelty, it just feels all too familiar, to the point I had the climax figured out as soon as I had met all the key players. 

I’m rambling on here, but it is still a pretty solid film. I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.


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