Injustice, 2021 – ★★★

As is tradition the DC animation knocks it out of the park when compared to their live action counterparts or anything Marvel.

It gets a little strange at a point, but was still a more coherent and entertaining feature length animated effort than any of those “What If” episodes. The advantage of not being bound to the upcoming 200 films in a cinematic universe I suppose.

If they showed the major character deaths that they do in this in live action, the franchises would have a challenge and a half explaining sequels. 

The Eternals trailer is an apt example. Half of it is justifying why they didn’t act when they could have and retrofitting the events of the last few films as that’s why now.

It’s almost like a screenwriting student was told what goes in a trailer.

1. What is the physical conflict?  End of the world.
2. Who brings the conflict? The big bad.
3. Why now? Because, uhm, previous Avengers films.
4. What is the emotional conflict? 🙄

Alright that was quite a diversion.

Batman was awesome and had contingencies.
The so many DC characters, managed to fit in their personal quirks and dialogues without feeling forced.

Tight writing. Liked it, although the second half dipped a bit into the “OMG Martha” space, for which it lost half a star.


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