Bob Biswas, 2021 – ★★★½

Aside from a little trope fatigue in the third act, a pretty decent watch. It follows a formula for the most part but does a good job of merging the world of Kolkata (established in Kahaani) with the continental hotel of a John Wick.

Thrown in with a track around a flourishing drug trade under threat to justify the hits, and a reluctant recent addict at home, it balances the emotions of a man recovering from memory loss and rediscovering the value of family alongside reconnecting his muscle memory of his trigger finger to the tee.

Abhishek has done a fabulous job of putting aside his own persona and owning the character, often a struggle for well-established actors. The supporting cast too gave stellar performances.

Whether it be the seasoned neutral weapons supplier or the noodles vendor with a past of his own, they all add to the world sold to us. A special shout, to the girl playing his step-daughter who stood out confident and comfortable in her skin for a debut. One to look out for.


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