Working Birthday 23

Well, it is past noon {the time of my birth} and so I am a full 23 years old, plus an hour & a bit. Has to be said, this (so far) has one of my better birthdays. Though I am at work, it’s been positive, even the weather is waRm’. The scottish co-worker of […]


Enter Ram. *shades-on*

Tomorrow may be, or not, the fact still remains, it’s my birthday {tomorrow}. My plan was to create & activate this blog thing for the public domain tomorrow. I figured I’d distribute links to the elite & naturally the odd scum level generic filth would find it too. Disclaimer then: If you don’t like me, […]


Yo Frankie!

Frank Castle is dead because he was in the boot of my car. Well, I had a Punisher poster in there. It all began a few days ago when I got a call from the “Farmer”. He didn’t have my new address & wanted it to send me something, or so he claimed. He asked […]