Commuter, The (2018)

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Alternate Title: Taken 4: A Ride on a Train.Originality: ☆☆ /5Engagement: ☆☆☆☆ /5Rewatch: Maybe. No rush.Expectation Match: Pretty much.Disappointed: No. Area to Fix:More red herrings to hide the […]

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xxxix. Wonder Woman

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[imdblive:id(tt0451279)] [imdblive:posterRemote] Runtime: [imdblive:runtime] mins Tagline: [imdblive:tagline] Writer(s):[imdblive:writers] Director(s):[imdblive:directors] Cast:[imdblive:cast] Partly due to my lack of presence on the blogosphere, partly having so much on my mind I […]