Attack, 2022 – ★★½

It takes a watered-down back story of Robocop to build a Captain America-like super-soldier to combat an Olympus Has Fallen level threat. That’s the plot level derivations, it continues at a macro level too. All…

Nothing But the Truth, 2008 – ★★★

So relevant so many years on. Simple yet effective tale of the government bullying the integrity of honest people in the name of national security. source

Blink, 2022 – ★★★½

This director definitely has the chops to do horror. Only time and opportunity will tell if he lands the serious artiste route or goes my preferrable campy entertainment way. All the best to him either…

Dual, 2022 – ★★★½

In a word, fascinating. It revels in quirk, which won’t be for everyone, but works for the premise. It juices the possibilities not only in its visual telling but also in reversals of event expectations…

Memory, 2022 – ★★½

Enjoyed it more for the written craft and parts of it rather than the overall sum thereof. Had this not been known faces, perhaps it would have been less accessible but more impactful. I found…

Top Gun, 1986 – ★★★½

Pacing of plot and the overall film holds up to the mantle it holds in pop culture, with the caveat that the in-air action set-pieces seem outdated and hard to follow. Impressive nonetheless for 1986….

The Batman, 2022 – ★★★½

A great Batman-Goftham-Gordon narrative that loses steam, only when it tries to go beyond the narrative that the film form allows for. Still, worth a watch for sure. source

Fistful of Vengeance, 2022 – ★½

Utter trash that I’m sure I would have enjoyed at the age of 10, but would not have been allowed to watch due to the violence quotient. Trimurti meets Infinity War source