About jun6lee

My name is Ram. Born in the early 80’s. Reborn on the web in the mid-90’s. It took a while for me learn to walk the web. As I learned and evolved plenty in the process, something did stick from those early days.

A Hindi film fan joining yahoo for the first time thought he’d be smart and get an account called JUNGLEE. To his disappointment, distraught that it was already taken, he attempted and settled for JUN6LEE. Thankfully, soon thereafter, he did come to realise that SHOUTING ON THE WEB was frowned upon, only then, did it come to being what you see & love today: jun6lee.

Born & brought up in Leicester, I have been passionate about films (Bollywood more so than others) since I was a child. I got myself a job at a small independent Bollywood cinema back in 1998 and was there through my studying, until it sadly went bankrupt & closed. I thereafter shifted myself to a multiplex and lobbied for them to procure and showcase Hindi films. It was a battle but I did manage to get there in the end.

I wrote repeatedly to distributors back then [Eros, GVI, YRF, Spark] to suggest they add English subtitles to their films in aid of reaching a larger audience overseas. Why limit yourselves to NRI’s? I got no written responses, but it did happen a year or two later, so that was something. The common pattern you’d notice if you got to know me is that I’m passive about many things, but when I do set my mind to setting something straight, I’m patient and persistent to the core of me.*

After studying Computer Science and taking up a ’safe’ job, I made a decision to follow my passion. Film. I’ve no regret, my studying and corporate career have served me well, but that decision in 2005 that I want to work in films and shift to Mumbai to do so, seemed a distant unaffordable dream, but they were more than that. These were things I was going to achieve, no matter what.

In the interim, I did what I enjoyed with my spare time. I studied & watched films, a lot of films. I made some horrible short films with friends, I took courses, volunteered for film festivals (Cambridge, Raindance, Sci-Fi London, East End). I started doing reviews, I got published as a reviewer in Raindance Film Festival’s Annual Programme. I even became a part of their selection process, watching some 10 submitted DVD’s a week and picking out the best two, justifying choices. All of this was a learning curve that led me to realise I was gravitating towards enjoying creative writing & story the most, so that’s what I do. I write. I re-write. I re-write again.

I Eat. I Sleep. I Cinema. 🙂

* Another Example: