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6 days ago
Jack Black and Emile Hirsch would make for a great casting in a buddy cop film.
7 days ago
Mario Puzo, the author of the "Godfather," adapted his books for film, although he had never written a screenplay before

After winning two Oscars, he purchased a screenwriting book to learn more about it... the first chapter of the book was a study on "Godfather I"
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1 week ago
Slipping into somebody’s DM and sending them an unsolicited script is the dick pics of the writer’s world…
2 weeks ago
With love, pride and happiness in our hearts,
we bring you the story of #ShershaahOnPrime ❤️ starring @SidMalhotra and @advani_kiara, directed by @vishnu_dir
Releasing on 12th August 🇮🇳