Sadak – A Recap

With Sadak 2 to be unleashed on OTT’s tomorrow, I figure many out there may want to but won’t have the time to go watch the first one to recall how it all went down, so I’ve done that for you. I’ve taken some small liberties with language, but that’s more or less it. Enjoy. […]


Commuter, The (2018)

Alternate Title: Taken 4: A Ride on a Train.Originality: ☆☆ /5Engagement: ☆☆☆☆ /5Rewatch: Maybe. No rush.Expectation Match: Pretty much.Disappointed: No. Area to Fix:More red herrings to hide the source of the conflict. That unravelling could have done with some hiccups & deviations, rather than the obvious. Review:Non-stop. Unstoppable. Taken. Mission Impossible. Strangers on a Train— […]


Denouement of 2017

If you were a Grinch, like me, Christmas always meant being home alone in the evening wishing you had a box of pizza, bitter that you can’t order one, probably in a vest watching some films on TV with a can of Stella, occasionally wondering why your residence lacked an elaborate air ventilation system that […]