Meet Cute, 2022 – ★★★

Came for the premise, which could have kicked in earlier, stayed for the play out which was satisfying but unsurprising, hoped for more humour than there was, but was engaged nonetheless. source

Kantara, 2022 – ★★★½

A cultural deep-dive into a region unfamiliar to me, which was entertaining and educational in equal parts. Although it may be honest and authentic in its portrayal of the societal norms there, the hero’s patriarchal…

Vikram Vedha, 2022 – ★★★½

Oozing slow-mos that match the personalities of both, (but yes the beard did get distracting). Just enough “smart” in the story to ascend the average-fare event film, without getting into a preachy or dare-I-say “intellectual”…

Unstoppable, 2018 – ★★★

When Koran Bhai’s wife is “Taken”, his particular set of skills from a past unspoken come out to play. It’s the scratch to that itch for a good action flick, with an interesting villain who…

Darlings, 2022 – ★★★½

A simple little story, done with nuance and great performances all-round. The end suffered from being entirely satisfying out of its sheer need to be politically correct perhaps, but it landed overall. source