8 years since Rebirth

Its been eight years today since I first entered a cinema. It wasn’t coincidence that a few months later I was working there. I’d found love.

Adding to that, today on the anniversary of my rebirth, my old manager from that very cinema rings me, just to ask how I am and talk films. The world of cinema is a magical one, it’s made and destroyed many a dreamer.

I often reminisce, the many pleasant memories, the many stressful nights spent there. It was one place I felt fully & truly welcome. I remember the smell of an empty screen, the taste of popcorn within the air. The Thursday advert change procedures, the stress of a first Friday showing where the print showed up at showtime.

The rush of having to run the first 20 minute reel while frantically joining the rest of the film together, each reel, checking it’s in rack, then feeding the remainder of the film into the projector at the precise time the first reel dropped out, such that the spectators saw a seamless film.

Those were the days. *sigh*

7 small red grapes.
1 bowl of rather thick Quaker oats porridge.
2 mugs of Kenco filter coffee with a splash of milk & 2 canderel tablets in each mug.
1 330ml can five alive citrus burst
1 peppermint tea.
2 slices of toast from greggs with tomato on one & onion on the other, both having a sweet tomato sauce & mozerella cheese.

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