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Update: Jan 2014: I’ve stopped updating the ‘UK Releases’ since it not longer served me much purpose having left the country in April 2012, this said, the historical data from end of 2008 to end of 2013 will remain public. I’m not decommissioning the Google Calendar or the iCal link.

Should anyone wish to take ownership or be given edit rights, I’m happy to share this.

As some of you may already know, I’m a bit of a film-addict; I need to know watch a lot. If I miss a film at the cinema, it’s either quite intentionally, or it’s due to lacking in distribution. With smaller films they often can’t afford to get as many prints out there as the blockbusters & so unintentinally they have made it tough for me to go see it, which is saying something considering I actually make quite a conscious effort not to miss much.

This is an unfortunate Catch-22 for many smaller, brighter, creative film-makers; to help them and to achieve my task of not letting them down, it’s pretty important to know what’s showing, as of when, and making estimations on how long they will be showing for. You may be thinking, surely, there are film release dates listed out there, dedicated sites even and yes, you’d be absolutely right. There are. However, I don’t trust them. They omit things sometimes. Important things, like these lesser-wide releases that I speak of. A release like Inception just wasn’t going to be ignored, by anyone, but a film like L’arnacoeur (Heartbreaker) might. Both are fantastic must-watch films.

Another example: The Warrior’s Way released on the 3rd of December at limited screens around the country. The following week, it was down to one late show per night, at those limited, harder to reach multiplexes. This was expected, as it’s a relatively small film when compared to the wide releases that followed on the 10th [The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Tourist]. Since it was tough for me to get to the multiplex showing the film, leaving it until the 10th would make it even less viable, so I saw it on the 9th. I much enjoyed it too. Had I discovered it a year later on DVD knowing that I had missed this, I would have kicked myself.

At some stage, I decided to stalk the releases more closely, but I found myself slacking sometimes. I could make excuses like family or work commitments but it’d be a lie. I got lazy sometimes. This is when I thought of documenting it. I figured if I was creating a documented copy of this information it’s make those *Thursday Decisions, a lot easier. It did work somewhat and that’s how these Google Calendars came about. One for UK Releases and one for Hindi Releases. I tried to keep them up-to-date at least 2 weeks in advance of actual releases. Ofcourse there are last-minute changes which I correct as soon as I’m made aware of them, but mostly this worked well, until I started slacking, again.

Hindi Film Releases:

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UK Film Releases:

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As a last resort, I decided to make these calendars public. If I know they are being used by others too, I’ll be responsible enough to keep them up-to-date. That’s worked out quite well on the most part. They are also a godsend when you are trying to write that list of Top 10 films. Releases currently go back as far as January 2009.

You can click on the plusses to add them to your own google calendar, or view theme here anytime. I hope you find them useful.

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