Tickled by Nothing

Well I got 5 text (sms) messages, 6 cards, 2 emails, 3 phone calls & 1 online greeting card. Its definitely a new personal record. I should add that I got myself a cool little present too. I always do spoil myself. “It’s a bird, It’s a plane flame, its a firebird lighter! ­čÖé I thought it went into the theme of current ongoings nicely.

Well, birthdays are so yesterday, so moving swiftly on, I’ve learnt something today. I’ve learnt that sometimes simplicity is the answer, yet sometimes, even less is.

Tcl stands for “tool command language” and is pronounced ‘tickle.’ I work with TCL quite prolifically at work, I’ve spent over an hour today staring at code that made perfect sense but didn’t seem to work.

After lunch, when I looked at it again, I found that my code logic was all correct but needed the following extract adding to it: [Nothing] [Nothing]

Absolutely genius. Whoever wrote this, I salute them.
Only if all the problems in the world could be fixed this way.

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