Film Review: xXx : The Next Level

xXx: The Next Level Runtime: 101 Minutes Tagline: Prepare for the next level IMDb Rating: 4.3 Ice Cube Darius Stone/XXXSamuel L. Jackson Agent Augustus Eugene GibbonsWillem Dafoe General George DeckertScott Speedman Agent Kyle Christopher Steele…

Quick Thoughts: Fida

Jai (Shahid Kapur) has a vision of the perfect girl that he is going to fall in love with, and one day, he sees her. Because of his sheer determination and willingness to do anything for Neha (Kareena Kapoor), she also falls in love with him. Jai thinks theirs is the perfect love story, but somebody else is writing it.

The tagline of this movie is aptly kept: “Not all love stories have the perfect ending.” The opening scene is interesting with an Internet hacker transferring a gargantuan sum of money from a underworld don’s bank account to a Swiss bank account. The innocent, naive Shahid Kapoor falls in love at first sight with Kareena. At first, the film seems very melodramatic and filmi, but that is later understandable after a startling fact is revealed. Fardeen was decent, and Kareena was good. Shahid’s performance was amazing.
We’ve already seen that he’s an awesome dancer; he’s an even better actor now. He’s definitely going to go places. Songs are good, especially “Aaja Ve Mahi” and “Maine Jisko Chaha.” The story is very different. It’s a good story, but it’s not very entertaining. This movie is a drama basically, and the different ending leaves you with the feeling of a Hollywood film.
The subject of the film was very interesting, but the film wasn’t treated well enough. I felt that the main twist when Shahid finds out that he has been betrayed was unfolded too soon in the storyline. And after that the film dragged up to the climax. Even the climax was not as ‘shocking’ as it was made out to be. The ending is not satisfying, it seems abrupt. For the exception of Kareena (who was awesome) no other actor delivered a great performance. Shahid was fine in the first half, but he seemed completely lost in the second half. And what was the reason for him to imitate Amitabh Bachchan in the finale (I wonder if anybody else noticed that). Fardeen was just about okay, he played the role of the suave Vikram nicely. This is Kareena’s best performance to date. She looks gorgeous and makes a great looking pair with Shahid. The actor who played the don was horrible. He hammed throughout the film. The songs are good specially Maine Jisko Chaha and Aja ve mahi. Cinematography is fantastic. The film wears a posh and classy look throughout. Fida doesn’t live up to my expectations 7/10.

Film Review: ‘Kaal’ : Time To Die

Kaal – *ing Ajay Devgan, Esha Deol, John Abraham, Lara Dutta, Vivek Oberoi Special Appearances: Malaika Arora Khan & Shah Rukh Khan Worldwide Release – 29th April 2005 Runtime: 126 minutes (English subtitles in UK…

Film Review: Interpreter, The

ORANGE WEDNESDAY:   The Interpreter To me this was a decent film, not spectacular, not one that sticks with you after the show, but a nicely done, character driven film. Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman…